Seasteading and the Blue Green Revolution

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Seasteading and the Blue Green Revolution

Defend Whistleblowers in Florida Education

I taught at Stoneman Douglas. I warned Indian River State College (IRSC) about guns in a student’s trunk. Student also claimed she was having an affair with an IRSC professor.

I warned the IRSC Trustees about unfair labor practices and retaliation against adjunct professors who teach 75% of their classes and ask about health care with a full time teaching load. No response or mitigation.

I warned IRSC about personnel calling an adjunct a “pushy Jew.” IRSC and Florida DOE refuse to respond. I warned Florida Department of Education and IRSC Trustees of negligence and malpractice against whistleblowers in Florida education. IRSC’s malpractice defense and union busting law firms refuse to respond.

The Trustees of Indian River State College and officials at the Florida Department of Education including the Commissioner of Education must now resign. Florida Department of Education needs to be investigated by Justice.

I warned Justice on July 4, 2016 of corrupt racketeering by NRA backed Trump Ring including Rick Scott and Associates. Justice investigated. Sign and share People of Florida’s July 4, 2016 corrupt racketeering petition against RICO Scott and Associates. Thank you Rosenstein and Mueller. Bust the Trump Ring:

Atlantis Rising

Reid Friedson

Egypt and other worldwide cultures were influenced by Atlantis and other pre-diluvian civilizations hidden from the world. The best modern book on Atlantis was written by Shirley Andrews. In Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization (1999), she synthesized the work of the relevant classical and modern scholars, scientists, and psychics like Edgar Cayce. Andrews’ work is laboriously researched and magnificently written with sound logic and vivid imagination. Atlantis is a fantastic read on the grand heritage of pre-historic civilizations and how they were more advanced spiritually and technologically than we are today.

As a Sunday Bible school teacher and psychic healer, Edgar Cayce also taught, practiced, and lived the Law of One. Campbell called love “the first law of life.” In On Prophecies, Edgar Cayce said: “the purpose of life is to gain understanding of all universal laws.” We must follow the laws of righteousness, improve ourselves, coordinate emotions with…

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Atlantis Rising

Egypt and other worldwide cultures were influenced by Atlantis and other pre-diluvian civilizations hidden from the world. The best modern book on Atlantis was written by Shirley Andrews. In Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization (1999), she synthesized the work of the relevant classical and modern scholars, scientists, and psychics like Edgar Cayce. Andrews’ work is laboriously researched and magnificently written with sound logic and vivid imagination. Atlantis is a fantastic read on the grand heritage of pre-historic civilizations and how they were more advanced spiritually and technologically than we are today.

As a Sunday Bible school teacher and psychic healer, Edgar Cayce also taught, practiced, and lived the Law of One. Campbell called love “the first law of life.” In On Prophecies, Edgar Cayce said: “the purpose of life is to gain understanding of all universal laws.” We must follow the laws of righteousness, improve ourselves, coordinate emotions with mind, and keep what is good from the past. He noted we must give grace to receive it. We reap what we sow. This is known in the East as karma. The Revolution of Consciousness is an ongoing liberation struggle for peace and prosperity. Cayce stated repeatedly: live up to the ideal of the Law of One known as agape or spiritual love. It is not ego based on greed. We can learn this lesson, the Law of One, in this life or the next.

Cayce noted in On Prophecy, we carry over character traits from past lives which can teach us about so much more than just ourselves. Prophecy can uncover past lives and lost civilizations. Thru retro-cognition, Cayce noted the existence of Atlantis which extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the mound builders of the Mississippi River, and to North, South, and Central America. British Honduras, Morocco, and the Pyrenees were influenced by Atlantis Cayce found while in trance. Cayce tapped into what Jung called the Akashic Record of all that has, is, or will happen. Prior and subsequent scholars have concluded Atlantis diffused globally in many directions. There is a vast lost history under the ocean of our conscious mind awaiting discovery.

In On Prophecy, Cayce detailed unknown advanced civilizations from before the last Deluge. He described the “Great Crystal” or “Firestone” technology the Atlanteans used to harness solar energy and heal people. Cayce said immigrants from Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu began Egypt, Greece, India, China and the Inca. Cayce said major migrations occurred between 15,650 and 8,150 BC. He says some of the migrations were by air. Cayce speaks of Halls of Records located between the paws of the Sphynx, in Bimini, and with the Yucatan of Central America. These records will show us how to build the “Firestone.”

Cayce revealed specific information about the legacy of Atlantis from before the last great Flood. Cayce describes unknown healing springs in Bimini, which were part of Atlantis, off the coast of Florida. Noting the “sweet waters” in the north of the southern island of Bimini, Cayce saw Bimini as a potential hydro-electric power plant and shipping port. Cayce also said in the southeastern part of North Bimini, there is a fresh water well which should be established as an archaeological and healing center for those who are ill.

Cayce’s past life readings while in meditation took him back millions of years. He described the geological situation thru remote viewing of an inhabitable Antarctica and shifting poles 50,000 years ago. Cayce says cities of gold will be discovered in the Gobi Desert and Thailand from the migrations of Lemuria and Mu and further that they had electricity, elevators, voice transmission, and aerial locomotion. Lemuria and Mu were destroyed before the rise of Atlantis. Migrants from Mu brought totem poles to Oregon. Cayce opened the doors to lost civilizations thru psychic trance.

In Heaven’s Mirror, investigative author Graham Hancock takes us on a quest for the lost civilization(s). He found the megalithic pyramid and astrological temple structures around the world date back at least 20,000 years and show an astounding level of knowledge about our solar system and star systems in our galaxy. Even more impressive is the technological acuity and integration of science into an advanced unified field of spirituality. There are across the globe stone calendar secrets of the zodiac from before the Deluge of 10,500 BC, 6,000 years before construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Civilization is far older than we have been taught to believe in mainstream education of the United States of America.

Cayce expounded at length on how little we know about the past lives of civilization. Cayce said Atlantis was the cradle of the Red race. Cayce said the Pacific Ocean covers Lemuria, the cradle of the Black race. Lemuria sank in the Pacific Ocean creating islands ages before Atlantis. Both Lemurians and Atlanteans planned migrations for the Floods Cayce says they knew were coming from the shift of the polar axis. The Mayans recorded ten cities of the Tree of Life which fell with Atlantis. All this evidence comes from the Mayan Troano document translated by Le Plongeon located in the British Museum.

Cayce says Atlanteans were far more advanced scientifically and spiritually than we are today. Cayce said Atlanteans mastered ESP, telepathy, electricity, mechanical sea and air propulsion, and short-wave communications. Light and sound waves were used in Atlantis as a means of communication. They destroyed themselves misusing their own lasers. Dr. Manson Valentine of the Miami Museum of Science (1967-75) states he has in his possession underwater slides of buildings built before “the great catastrophe.” This is lost history in need of greater exploration.

Researching archives of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment and scuba diving under waters of the Atlantic Ridge, Shirley Andrews details what we can learn from the lost civilization of Atlantis. She concludes with the help of extra-terrestrials, clean solar powered quartz, electro-magnetic technology, rays of light, and ultra sound, Atlanteans migrated by air and sea to Sumeria, Africa, Egypt, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Bahamas, North America, the British Isles, mainland Europe, and Scandinavia. Mohenjo-Dara and Harappa in modern day India and in the Israeli Sinai show effects of cataclysmic ancient nuclear war.

There exists evidence of great world destructions in different ages. Migrant Atlantean art remains on cave walls in Basque Spain, France, and with Calo in Florida. The Atlantean heritage of living in harmony with nature and the Sun, moon, planets, and stars came, went, and return. This tradition was adopted by psychic shamans and other spiritual leaders who “rebirthed” the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Lakota of North America. The seafaring Phoenicians who produced the first alphabet from pictograms say Atlanteans were the first great world traders. Unfortunately, much of Phoenician history was lost with repeated destruction of the libraries at Carthage and Alexandria.

Atlanteans were known as the “Children of the Law of One.” They judged people by their ethical character instead of material possessions like the “Sons of Belial.” In the ancient Middle East, the underground Essenes preserved the wisdom of the scriptures instead of orthodox Judaism which appeased Roman Sons of Darkness and the conservative rabbinical establishment known as the Sanhedrin. Cayce says the spiritual Essenes at Qumran and Masada were derived from Melchizedek, Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, Jesus, and John.

Dream Symbols of the Subconscious

Robert L. Van De Castle spent his life studying dream symbols. Our Dreaming Mind (1994) explores the roles dreams have played in psychology, religion, politics, and art from ancient civilizations to the present. This is a wonderfully expansive and insightful exposition of archetypes and dreams. Our Dreaming Mind is a technically nuanced scientific study of dreams from clinical, practical, and post-modern standpoints.

In Our Dreaming Mind, Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D. noted dream journals facilitate creation of individual dream leitmotifs. Some dreams may involve reincarnation. Experiments demonstrate telepathy is possible in dreams. Maimonides stated dreams show what is in your heart and “the imaginative faculty in sleep is the same as when one receives a prophecy.” Astral travel and remote sensing are therefore possible awake or asleep. Dreams, like films in the dark, can be prophetic since they are inter-dimensional without limitations of time and space. Poetry, like dreams, and song use images to communicate meaning. Dreams, like Gandhi’s and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, can inspire political revolutions and social movements. Dreams have inspired a wide variety of religious prophets and military and scientific leaders. The unconscious “storied thinking of dreams is responsible for all cultural evolution.”

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s psychoanalytical practices in the subconscious are memorialized in Memories, Dreams, and Reflections (1965). Jung, whose father was a clergyman, realized religion played a crucial role in the psyche and psychic illness. Psychological functions, according to Jung, are to: sense, think, feel, and intuit. Jung’s mission quest was inner self-realization of the unconscious especially when studying “primitive” cultures. Scientific knowledge must consider feelings to heal naturally and holistically fragmented disciplines. Jung looked particularly to the East “with its superior psychic proficiency” and found no conflict between science and spirituality under the transcendent and unifying Law of One.

Jung started studying mythology to understand archetypal dream symbols of the unconscious because he saw them as compensations for conscious attitudes. The doctor must be able to treat his wounded self to effectively treat others. Knowing thyself must come first. Such is the method of shamanistic and psychoanalytical wisdom training. We project our psychic power onto objects. With technical aid, unconscious signs may reach consciousness. Jung wrote: “The unconscious mind of man sees correctly even when conscious reason is blind and impotent.” Dr. Bernard Siegel has proven self-healing is possible even for those with cancer. Self-improvement guru Anthony Robbins has proven success requires a positive attitude in goal setting.

Decline and Fall of the Alt-Right


The Alt-Right seeks to return to an age in which the elites rule and peons obey. It is therefore time again to unmask the new Alt-Right version of authoritarianism. The Alt-Right fears an alien and hostile America no longer ruled by white men.

The Alt-Right is a big tent. It includes white nationalists, isolationists, protectionists, nativists, confederates, militant rebels, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, anti-feminists, misogynists, homophobes, and nihilists. It includes a wide range of people from neo-monarchists and reactionaries to those who preach scientific racism or traditional eugenics.

The Alt-Right opposes political correctness, globalism, multi-culturalism, and immigration while rejecting mainstream conservatism. The Alt-Right opposes immigration from Syria and the activists from Black Lives Matter. Many Alt-Right leaders even expressed outrage when a Black actor appeared as the leading man in Star Wars VII.

The Alternative Right rejects the American democratic ideal of equality under law for all creeds, genders, races, and ethnicities. The Alt-Right chooses white nationalism over what they call the “decolonizing egalitarianism” since the end of World War II.

The Alt-Right calls for white cultural, racial, social, and economic domination. Alt-Right anarcho-capitalists oppose libertarianism and value group identity over liberty. No similar tyrannical and oppressive ideology is espoused by the libertarian and egalitarian Left.

Anti-fascist (Antifa) anarchists protected demonstrators from violent Alt-Right attackers in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017 “by any means necessary” when they saw police would not intervene. The Antifa movement has been growing in opposition to the rise of the intolerant Alt-Right.

History of the Alt-Right:

Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos believe the Alt-Right originated in the Old Right of the United States and Europe.

Anarcho-capitalist Jeffrey Tucker of the Foundation for Economic Education traces the Alt-Right ideological heritage to Hegel, Carlyle, Spengler, and Madison Grant, and Patrick Buchanan. Right libertarians differ from the Alt-Right because libertarians condemn slavery.

Self-described paleo-conservative philosopher Paul Gottfried was the first person to publicly use the term “Alternative Right” in a 2008 speech to the H.L. Mencken Club: A Society for the Independent Right.

The Associated Press believes White supremacist Richard Bertrand Spencer began using the term “Alt Right” in 2010 to make it palpable to a White nationalist movement based on racism and neo-Nazism. In other words, the Alt Right is still striving to go mainstream in America.

 Alt-Right Leaders and Followers:

Richard Bertrand Spencer is generally considered the founder of the Alt-Right movement. (

Spencer describes the Alt-Right as “identity politics for white Americans and Europeans around the world.” Spencer leads the white nationalist think tank the National Policy Institute (NPI). In 2014, Spencer’s National Policy Institute (NPI) called the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a “degenerate and fraud.”

After speaking at Trump’s presidential victory celebration on November 22, 2016, Spencer received “Sieg Heil” chants like those heard at Hitler’s Nazi Party Nuremburg rallies of the 1930s. In 1927, Donald Trump’s father was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan riot in Queens, New York. The Alt-Right is back again thanks to people like Trump and Spencer.

Spencer is often recognized for being punched in the face by a Black man on live television and for being denied an opportunity to speak at the University of Florida this Fall of 2017. Spencer followers claim their leader is being denied free speech rights. Conversely, Spencer’s detractors call his bigoted words criminal “hate speech.”

In “White Nationalism and Jewish Nationalism” (August 2011), Greg Johnson called for non-association with Jews for alleged biological survival of the white race. Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN) wrote on July 7, 2013: “those who promote miscegenation, usury, or any other forms of racial suicide should be sent to re-education centers, not tolerated [sic].”

Alt-Right Media:

 Alt-Right websites started in 2008 with anonymous members creating outrageous memes on 4chan and 8chan. Today, the Alt-Right uses websites on Twitter, Reddit, and Breitbart. The Federalist reports Spencer’s Radix Journal has replaced the Alternative Right website.

Andrew Anglin claims his neo-Nazi Daily Stormer is “the World’s Most Visited Alt-Right Website [sic].” Anglin claims despite wearing a German Iron Cross, Alt-Right leader Yiannopolous is “seeking to undermine right wing movements for Jewish purposes.” Building on the Populist Movement and the Ku Klux Klan of the Twenties, Jews are still accused by anti-Semites of controlling the world’s banks and media which is empirically false. The goal of the Alt-Right is mainstreaming extreme hate and its members do not always agree on ideological principles.

In 2016, pro-Israel chief Trump strategist Steve Bannon called Breitbart “the platform for the Alt-Right.” Bannon has made at least one anti-Semitic statement about his children going to school with Jews. The Alt-Right supported the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump. In August of 2017, Trump was denounced for placing white nationalist protestors on the same moral plane as the violent killer of peaceful activist Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Bannon immediately left the White House after the Charlottesville murder. He returned to Breitbart and began criticizing Trump while claiming he is “going to war against Trump’s opponents.” Bannon still accuses the liberal media of much more than “bias.” An admirer of Lenin, Bannon has called fascists who attacked people at Charlottesville “losers” and “clowns” but Bannon believes he can control them.

Alt-Right memes are propaganda. They function on shock value. These memes often use the term “cuckservative” to disparage conservatives for being too feminine and submissive. Besides the use of Pepe the Frog, the Alt-Right uses three (3) parentheses to identify and target Jews online. “Remove kebab” is the Alt-Right’s way of calling online for ethnic cleansing of Muslims. “Dindu nuffin” is the Alt-Right’s way of satirically denouncing African American victims of police brutality like Eric Garner and Michael Brown.


All-In’s Chris Hayes has called the Alt Right “essentially modern day white supremacy.” Professor George Hawley of the University of Alabama has called “the Alt-Right a greater threat to progressivism than the mainstream conservative movement.” David French of the National Review calls the Alt-Right “wanna be fascists.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center ( and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Center on Extremism ( are closely monitoring hate groups, leaders, and ideologies across the United States.

From the massive multi-city protests following the Charlottesville murder of a liberal protestor, it appears the Alt-Right is nowhere near as popular as the Resistance from across a wide political, social, and economic spectrum.

The Guardian reported on August 22, 2017 the city of Charlottesville has decided to cover up Confederate statues in tribute to Heather Heyer.

Survivors of slavery, reservations, and concentration camps have a lesson for us. Regime change can come quickly so we the People must remain vigilant in defense of liberty and equality.


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The Power of Love

The power of love is the basis for all religious teachings. Manly P. Hall wrote: “There are within us undeveloped spiritual energies and potencies that can heal the body and preserve the soul.” We have more power than we know. We must not hate what we do not know. Aldous Huxley further surmised: “We can only love what we know and we can never know completely what we do not love. Hatred does not cease by hatred.” With love of knowledge, hate and ignorance are expelled.

Hall’s approach to religion is based on a simple code connecting ethical values with love of wisdom. Hall discovered living ethical principles reveals spiritual insights. He advises students and teachers in Words to the Wise to “(d)o ill to no man, give to all that which is justly theirs, think good thoughts, perform kind actions, be patient in all things, and have faith in the Universal Power” Cicero knew: “the wise man is modest in success, patient in adversity, and at peace with all things.” There can be no long-term success in any venture including life in general without applying ethical first principles from the universal field of spirituality and the Law of One.

Dr. Sigmund Freud recognized the latent powers of the mind. Freud knew it imperative to turn our violent and destructive energies into peaceful and creative works. He advocated a kind of creative transformation of our destructive energies often described in New Age circles as auras. Kindness to animals is an example of a kinesthetic practice exemplified by Jesus, St. Francis, and Gandhi. The Quakers also respectfully defended the alchemical principle of peace condemning both slavery and war.

Echoing William Blake, “the wise man sees the good in all religions.” As the modern writings of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., bearer of doctorates in theology and sociology, warned: “We must learn to live as brothers or we surely will perish as fools.” The modern social justice movement upholds the ancient Law of One. This is an extension of Rabbi Hillel and Jesus’ teachings to treat others as ones wishes to be treated.

Wise teachers and students live on sincere love of truth. Students become disciples and then initiates to mystery schools when they have learned to unify science and spirituality. Mystery schools, academies, temples, and communities have long disseminated the arcana of spiritual arts and sciences to students of great character and attainment. The purpose of all knowledge is perfection of the soul. A symposium needs but two (2) souls to guide dialogue toward healing and transformation.

Neither time nor thieves can steal immortal treasures of metaphysical philosophy. Charity, virtue, indifference to time, detachment, effort and courage must be rightfully directed. Courage accepts danger, ridicule, criticism, and martyrdom with poise. In fact, the goal of spiritual training is selflessness. Those who are selfless are a channel for deliverance. We must move from righteousness to selflessness. Selflessness permits pure of heart individuals to access intuition which is the root of creativity and spiritual insight.