Edgar Cayce’s Visions of Israel and America

In his readings, Cayce predicted the return of the Jews to their homeland as prophesized in the Bible. Cayce said many ancient Jews migrated to the southwestern United States, Mexico, and the Yucatan. The name of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan roughly translates to “Five Books of Moses Atlantis.” Cayce said the Lost Tribes of Israel influenced Peru and the Iltan Temple of Yucatan Mexico. This is not so hard to believe since modern Jews made the desert thrive in Israel on their prophesized return in 1948. Cayce’s readings remain a treasure trove of lost history and prophecy.

In his own version of modern shamanic trance, Cayce provided detail on the Mount Carmel School of Prophets started by Elijah. The Essene monastery at Qumran which produced the Dead Sea Scrolls stood around the time of Jesus. Perhaps one day an Essene Temple will be found near Masada. The Romans destroyed the Essenes per Josephus, Pliny, and Philo. Cayce stated in a reading, the Essenes believed in reincarnation lending credence to the theory the Essenes were influenced by Eastern ideas including Zoroastrianism. In On Religion and Psychic Experience, Cayce remotely viewed the presence of women at Qumran, which had been denied by scholars but grows in grassroots and scholarly intrigue. Cayce even shockingly stated in On Prophecy, Jesus’ first teacher on Mosaic law, the Prophets, the mysteries, and astrology was Mary’s handmaid, Josie. The prophetess Judy, Cayce says, also taught Jesus, the Essenes, and the early Christians the prophecies following Jesus’ crucifixion.

Cayce transmitted long lost messages of importance for modern times. Cayce noted in On Prophecy, there would be revolution in America if we do not live in “universal oneness.” He said the leveling will come along with “fear from those who control capital investment.” Cayce mentioned international currency stabilization will be necessary to alleviate coming hardships and “cooperation in productivity was more promising than ruthless competition.” The scientists of the New Age must learn these spiritual laws. This is an ominous message for those watching the sick betrayal of democracy with corrupt elections fraud in the United States of America in 2016.

Anatomy of the Spirit and the Soul

The Greek word for “soul” is psyche. Plato said the soul is like a circle with ego and unconscious within it. As in Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Sky, the circle symbolizes totality of time and space. The ancient Greek Plotinus held the soul has a unique daimon which selects the body, parents, place and circumstance which it has forgotten. The Latin word for soul is genius and it is the heart’s calling. As the ancient Egyptians priests of the Mystery School of Horus knew, the goal of life is transformation of the soul. Knowing the why and how you live is the first step. The next imperative step is to find your soul’s calling. James Hillman addressed this vital pursuit in The Soul’s Code.

There is no fate. There is only vision and motivation from deep within the soul. The introvert may feel what he or she must do according to intuition and holistic awareness of natural propensities. Extraordinary people demonstrate their calling or purpose most evidently and remain loyal to it. These visionaries excite, guide, and warn us to elevate our world. Exceptional people are addicted to perfection and must guard against negative responses to weaknesses. Weaknesses perhaps may not develop into strengths but they can create insightful and cathartic products of art and culture. Intuition is a gift of what is necessary from the soul.

The Hebrew word for “breath” and “spirit” is ruach. Spirit is the bouquet of the soul of nature. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh says “breath connects life to consciousness.” Give your inner creative activities a sacred time and space to meditate each day. Meditate on the mandala. Aristotle said the soul was form and motion of a body. Leave the temporal body to connect with the unified field of spirituality thru still meditation and fluid action as in tai chi or martial arts. The spirit wants to be extroverted and channel thru positive activities. Yoga, for example, consists of intentional stopping of the mind on which Jung and Cayce focused to get to the soul. All souls want to do is dance like Shiva, the mythical goddess of death and rebirth in India. Inspiration means to breathe in and out spirit to be reborn now in each moment.

Dr. Caroline Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit (1996) reveals seven (7) stages of power and healing. Myss provides holistic solutions in energy medicine and intuition. Myss focuses on the power of God and the Seven Sacred Truths. These truths are based respectively on the chakras or sefirot as explained in Hindu, Buddhist, and Kabbalistic practices. In ascending order from the ground, chakras provide energy for tribal, relationships, personal, emotional, will, mind, and spirit powers. Myss concludes with a guide for the contemporary mystic to activate spirit and move matter with energy.

Dr. Caroline Myss focuses on empowering our individual and collective human energy fields. Myss surveys the anatomy of the spirit or geist (ghost) in German. Although Hegel believed in the nineteenth century there was not only a collective unconscious of the world or zeitgeist, but he also understood individuals and ideas are syntheses of positive theses and negative anti-theses. Balance comes from synthesizing of positive and negative. Myss discovered emotional energy is thoughts transformed into biological matter. Myss started studying mysticism and schizophrenia and found she could heal all types of people using the unified field of spirituality and Law of One.

Myss discovered intuition is a skill and not a gift. In other words, intuition could be developed. She stated energy medicine must focus on the chakras. Myss discovered energy blockages in particular chakras corresponded to certain organs, mental and emotional issues, and physical dysfunctions. These are probably the auras Edgar Cayce saw. These seven (7) chakras provide opportunities to elevate energetically our individual powers. Here in summary form are the chakras (Sanskrit) or energy centers as they correspond to the sefirot (Hebrew) of Jewish mysticism to form the Tree of Life:


  1.  Tribe               Cocyx
  2. Power              Abdomen
  3. Self                   Solar Plexus
  4. Love                 Heart
  5. Will                  Throat
  6. Mind                Third Eye
  7. Oneness           Crown


  1. Tribe                Cocyx                         Shekinah             Creation
  2. Power              Abdomen                  Yesod                    Foundation
  3. Self                   Solar Plexus              Hod                       Majesty
  4. Love                 Heart                          Tifferet                 Beauty
  5. Will                  Throat                        Gevurah               Judgement
  6. Mind                Third Eye                   Binah                    Understanding
  7. Oneness           Crown                        Keter                     Transcendent

Myss uses detachment, intuition, and “symbolic sight” to determine how patterns of physical, mental, and emotional stressors cause people diseases. Myss learned how to heal each disease spiritually for all disease is at root spiritual. Myss is a medical intuitive like Edgar Cayce. Myss was first influenced by her chance meeting with a shaman named Rachel and later capitalized on support from founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA), C. Norman Shealy, MD and PhD. Symbolic sight involves sixth sense healing of connections among living energy systems.

Myss learned to diagnose electromagnetic vibrations and frequencies of organs and systems. Chemicals form thoughts and emotions are converted into matter. Emotional or spiritual stressors like dominant negativity and anger remain root causes of dis-eases such as migraines and ulcers. Myss teaches people to locate and diagnose energy problems manifesting in their own corresponding organs, systems, and physical bodies. For example, third chakra problems result in indigestion while fourth chakra problems yield heart and lung problems. Negative emotions handicap the immune system. Success involves liberating your energy force.

Myss teaches the unified field of spirituality must be approached thru the holistic Law of One. She focuses on the above seven (7) chakras or power centers for healing. Poverty, powerlessness, and illness are linked. Visualization and living a life of purpose are positive remedies. We breathe life into whatever we believe. Self-knowledge promotes choice and action. Choose to exercise faithful creation instead of negatives like fear, jealousy, and hatred. Violating someone else’s energy systems violates your own.

Healing Shamans

Gary Doore’s Shaman’s Path (1988) shows ways and means to personal growth and empowerment. A series of excellent articles in this compilation come from well-known experts such as Michael Harner and Stanislav Grof. These experts explain shamanism from the viewpoints of ancient spirituality and modern science. This anthology even explains how ancient shamanism is being utilized to heal people in modern hospital pain clinics. In Secrets of Shamanism, Jose and Lena Stevens provide additional simple to use techniques to tap into spiritual power. Secrets of Shamanism is a highly readable book with instruction on performing practical healing rituals such as the vision quest, journeying, and shamanic dancing.

In Shaman’s Path editor Gary Doore details the spiritually empowering role of the first healers known as shamans (Siberia). The story-telling shaman of experience may chant, rattle, or drum to journey inward. The shaman can diagnose, and heal those suffering from psychological crisis or ill health by first reviewing the patient’s relationships. Soul loss causes illness and death. Shamans access the store of knowledge past and future. They can even stretch or condense time because time and space are fluid and flexible. Shamans obtain knowledge and power from the spirit world and ordinary reality.

The shaman goes into a trance to heal. The shaman interacts in “non-ordinary reality” with spirits, guides, teachers, guardians, or power animals using rituals, and myths. The shaman communicates with living, growing, and conscious rocks, minerals, crystals, plants, animals, trees, waters, and beings from this living planet and beyond. Remember carbon based humans live on a conscious silicon crusted crystal planet. Chi Gung says we must heal using the spirits of nature.

The shaman helps by getting in touch with the spirits of nature, living or dead. Apache shaman and war leader Geronimo (Goyale), per testimonials, used telepathy and could become transparent or shift his shape at will. Jesus and Krishnamrurti, along with ascended masters, could also shape shift and glow radiantly. They can see the hidden with eyes closed and even the future. Shamans essentially gave birth to religion by talking to all beings including plants and animals. You have the ability with intention to be a shaman.

Shamanism is a time-tested way of solving problems using multiple interconnected dimensions. Shamans shift between levels of consciousness at will thru deep breathing. Unlike schizophrenics, shamans know what they are doing and where they are. Shamans receive answers to important questions in ordinary reality first. The spiritual is the root of the psychological and physical. Relaxing drumming can therefore stop headaches by increasing oxygen intake. As Pythagoras taught, the harmonics of the celestial orbs or spheres is the light in music.

In sonic trance, the shamanic healer is conscious. He or she remembers the ecstatic soul journey experience, and interprets it unlike most psychic mediums. Despite, the power of spirits met in astral travel, there is no higher authority than that of the Great Spirit. Natives have been following their version of the Creator’s Law of One for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. Shamans were in fact the first healers, diagnosticians, and psychotherapists to utilize isolation, hypnosis, and visualization. The word, as in Solomon’s and Moses’ incantations, heal individuals and the tribe. Sonic wavelengths from words and music determine dimension.

Shamans solve metaphysical and personal problems. Shamans access new or lost knowledge. Shamans go on vision quests for the tribe, themselves, or others to answer questions. Shamans demonstrate the power of detailed visualization. The goal of the shaman is to expand the field of spirituality around the body using visualization and perhaps blessing the four corners of the cross in the Medicine Wheel. Yoga remains the silent concealed form of the intuitive mind (buddhi) with physical and spiritual transformation some Buddhists claim was provided ancient Native Americans following Buddha’s death. It is older.

The shaman’s purpose is transformation. Shamanistic journeys often involve visions of caves or tunnels thru the earth. Answers may come as symbols in a dream. Energetic power spots on the earth with high vibrations amplify thoughts and emotions. Power spots can be recreated from memory. Shamans are in touch with the spirits of the elements, earth, air, fire, and water. Shamans worship the power of the Sun’s light as well as that of other planetary and stellar bodies and cycles.

In ceremonies and rituals, shamans invoke the powers of sound, motion, smell, locations, guardians, the season, rites of passage, and commemoration of important individual or communal events. Sound and light are forms of energy. Thus mantras, music, and chanting remain powerful forms of energy. The burning of sage for example uses the basic four (4) elements of earth, air, fire, and water important to Taoism. The drum opens the doorway to the spirit world and the rattle, a sort of magic wand, calls forth guardians. The dance transforms the dancer and observers. As in yoga or tai chi, the postures and gestures of the shaman methodically open the main spirit tunnels or chakras in the spinal cord. The shaman integrates the Lower and Upper Worlds as master of the Middle Word between the two. Candle light creates sacred power spots.

Shamans utilize sacred power spots which often have strong electromagnetic fields. The Celtic Druids, Freemasons, Hawaiian kahunas, Hebrew prophets, and extra-terrestrials selected sacred spots reading land forms. Such geomancy is still utilized in feng shui. Light, love, and truth comes from these ancient sacred spots which date back to civilizations long lost. Solar system specific architecture of Tiahuanaco, Mexico City, and thousands of other places, make us wonder what advanced space age technology was being used by lost civilizations. It appears ancient lost civilizations tapped into a universal system of energy production from earthly and celestial energies or life forms. A single consciousness from the unified field of spirituality created the ancient network of megalithic buildings on energy nodes connected by ley lines across the planet from Stonehenge to Peru to the Yucatan and Pacific.

Space Origins, Lost Civilizations, and Atlantis

Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles explores evidence humanity’s wisdom comes from extra-terrestrials. The Stairway to Heaven (1985), Wars of God and Men (1985), When Time Began: The First New Age (1993), and Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels, and Other Emissaries (1995) are impressively utilized. Sitchin painstakingly translates the ancient languages of Sumerian, Hebrew, and Egyptian in his thought provoking and ground-breaking studies. Sitchin expands on van Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods (1968) to demonstrate extra-terrestrial “gods” genetically engineered the technological advancement of human civilizations on Earth when the planet Nibiru enters Earth’s orbit every 3,600 years. Sitchin shows evidence extra-terrestrial “gods” have been coming to Earth for at least 450,000 years.

In Heaven’s Mirror, investigative author Graham Hancock takes us on a quest for the lost civilization(s). He found the megalithic pyramid and astrological temple structures around the world date back at least 20,000 years and show an astounding level of knowledge about our solar system and star systems in our galaxy. Even more impressive is the technological acuity and integration of science into an advanced unified field of spirituality. There are across the globe stone calendar secrets of the zodiac from before the Deluge of 10,500 BC, 6,000 years before construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Civilization is far older than we have been taught to believe in mainstream education of the United States of America.

Graham Hancock’s Heaven’s Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization (1998) deals with the amazing similarities of technologically advanced megalithic structures in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Heaven’s Mirror is beautifully photographed by Hancock’s wife Santha Faiia. Hancock’s work led to the realization, assisted by extra-terrestrial “gods,” human beings have been constructing pyramids in Europe, Indonesia, and across the world for at least the last 20,000 years, more than 16,000 years before the pyramids of ancient Egypt are believed by mainstream scholars to have been built.  The archaeological evidence demonstrates civilization is ages older and more advanced than generally believed.

In Heaven’s Mirror, Graham Hancock goes on a quest for the lost civilization by focusing on these sacred power spots applying scientific principles from the unified field of spirituality. Hancock found ancient megaliths were indeed masters of science and spirituality beyond even our knowledge today. Cities of the Sun like Heliopolis were built for followers of Horus who taught the “mysteries of Heaven.” In ancient Egypt, 72 was recognized as a sacred number integrated into the architecture of temples. It was also used by Jewish Kabbalists as the number of holy names of God. There are 72 mandala-like temples illustrating the Five Ages or Suns at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is also 72 degrees longitude east of the Pyramids of Giza. Seventy-two (72) is the number of years it takes the Earth’s poles to shift one degree with catastrophic repercussions, a phenomenon known as precession, resulting in the Deluge.

We are intrigued by our connections to star and planetary systems due to the unified field of spirituality. Ancient sky religions such as that of Nazca, which lies 180 degrees east of Gaza in South America, reflect the constellation of stars including the Sun. It is no coincidence the foundation stones of Judaism and Islam originated in outer space. The ancient astronomer priests tell us of the time giants built massive temples like Stonehenge with still unknown technologies. It is no coincidence the temple at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia bears similarities to the King’s Camber in the Pyramid at Giza. Many sacred sites around the world are known as the same “navel of the world.” They seem to be connected in what Beth Hagens, Richard Hoagland, and others define as electromagnetic energy centers of sacred consciousness around our Earth. The nature of the universe is revealed to human consciousness thru time, space, and matter. We are part of the universe and it is part of us.

In the Earth Chronicles, Sitchin discovered Sumerian records of what it was like to approach our seventh planet from outer space. The Sumerians stated the moons of a planet named Nibiru (Marduk in Babylonian) orbit into our solar system every 3,600 years. They say its moon even struck Earth creating the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Sitchin states Nibiru’s very tall conscious beings, the Annunaki or Nefilim, came to earth 450,000 years ago to solve an atmospheric insulation problem mining gold in Africa. Sitchin says in opposition to a revolt of their own miners on Earth led by Enlil, the Nefilim genetically created a hybrid human race to serve as slaves 200,000 years ago. Enlil’s son Enki (snake), convinced Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Many of the stories of the Old Testament can be traced back to the Sumerians.

The unified field of spirituality lifts the veil from lost history and prophecy. John Anthony West believes based on water marks on the Egyptian Sphinx, it was built before the Great Flood of 10,500 BC, a significant date displaying constellations and celestial markers like solstices on megaliths worldwide. Perhaps this was when the “moai” (scholars) of Easter Island built and left behind in their once larger country giant heaven gazing megaliths. Perhaps this is the same time giant Afro-Polynesian Olmec heads were constructed in Central America. After all, the Aztecs say they came to Mexico after the Flood from their island called Aztlan. The Aztec plumed serpent, like the dragon, nevertheless remains a universal symbol of resurrected wisdom and spirituality. Tibetans and Hindus say our cycles of ages or yugas are connected to consciousness. Like a computer, human memory requires a steady living magnetic field. Perhaps we do not remember so easily due to environmental changes in electro-magnetism. Electro-magnetic vortexes may be the wormholes and star gates to other dimensions in space and time.

Egypt and other worldwide cultures were influenced by Atlantis and other pre-diluvian civilizations lost to the world. The best modern book on Atlantis was written by Shirley Andrews. In Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization (1999), she synthesized the work of the relevant classical and modern scholars, scientists, and psychics like Edgar Cayce. Andrews’ work is laboriously researched and magnificently written with sound logic and vivid imagination. Atlantis is a fantastic read on the grand heritage of pre-historic civilizations and how they were more advanced spiritually and technologically than we are today.

Psychic clairvoyant Edgar Cayce expounded at length on how little we know about the past lives of civilization. Cayce said Atlantis was the cradle of the Red race. Cayce said the Pacific Ocean covers Lemuria, the cradle of the Black race. Lemuria sank in the Pacific Ocean creating islands ages before Atlantis. Both Lemurians and Atlanteans planned migrations for the Floods Cayce says knew were coming from the shift of the polar axis. The Mayans recorded ten cities of the Tree of Life which fell with Atlantis. All this evidence comes from the Mayan Troano document translated by Le Plongeon located in the British Museum.

Cayce says Atlanteans were far more advanced scientifically and spiritually than we are today. Cayce said Atlanteans mastered ESP, telepathy, electricity, mechanical sea and air propulsion, and short wave communications. Light and sound waves were used in Atlantis as a means of communication. They destroyed themselves misusing their own lasers. Dr. Manson Valentine of the Miami Museum of Science (1967-75) states he has in his possession underwater slides of buildings built before “the great catastrophe.” This is lost history in need of greater exploration.

Researching archives of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment and scuba diving under waters of the Atlantic Ridge, Shirley Andrews details what we can learn from the lost civilization of Atlantis. She concludes with the help of extra-terrestrials, clean solar powered quartz, electro-magnetic technology, rays of light, and ultra sound, Atlanteans migrated by air and sea to Sumeria, Africa, Egypt, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Bahamas, North America, the British Isles, mainland Europe, and Scandinavia. Mohenjo-Dara and Harappa in modern day India and in the Israeli Sinai show effects of cataclysmic ancient nuclear war.

There exists evidence of great world destructions in different ages. Migrant Atlantean art remains on cave walls in Basque Spain, France, and with Calo in Florida. The Atlantean heritage of living in harmony with nature and the Sun, moon, planets, and stars came and went. This tradition was adopted by psychic shamans and other spiritual leaders who “rebirthed” the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Lakota of North America. The seafaring Phoenicians who produced the first alphabet from pictograms say Atlanteans were the first great world traders. Unfortunately, much of Phoenician history was lost with repeated destruction of the libraries at Carthage and Alexandria.

Atlanteans were known as the “Children of the Law of One.” They judged people by their ethical character instead of material possessions like the “Sons of Belial.” In the ancient Middle East, the underground Essenes preserved the wisdom of the scriptures instead of orthodox Judaism which appeased Roman Sons of Darkness and the conservative rabbinical establishment known as the Sanhedrin. Cayce says the Essenes at Qumran and Masada were derived from Melchizedek, Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, Jesus, and John.

Edgar Cayce: Sleeping Prophet of Lost History and Healing

Edgar Cayce founded the Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE) during a global economic Depression (1932). Cayce left more than 14,000 telepathic and clairvoyant records with readings from 6,000 people over forty-three (43) years. Cayce readings under self-hypnosis indicated talents, urges, weaknesses, and interests of even newborn babies. Cayce could see thru the babies’ past lives. Cayce’s secretary could remember “only three (3) times Cayce’s readings were incorrect.”

Edgar Cayce: Modern Prophet (1967/1989) contains four (4) inspiring books. Mary Ellen Carter, under the editorship of Hugh Lynn Cayce, authored Edgar Cayce On Prophecy. Harmon Hartzell Bro, PhD, also under the editorship of Hugh Lynn Cayce, authored Edgar Cayce: On Religion and Psychic Experience. Noel Langley authored Edgar Cayce: On Reincarnation under the editorship of Hugh Lynn Cayce. Henry Reed authored Edgar Cayce: On the Mysteries of the Mind under the editorship of Charles Thomas Cayce. Each of the four (4) books utilize primary source records of the “sleeping prophet” as he accessed the Akashic Record of all times. The original audio recordings of Edgar Cayce on which this compilation is based are still archived at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.

As a Sunday Bible school teacher and psychic healer, Edgar Cayce also taught, practiced, and lived the Law of One. Campbell called love “the first law of life.” In On Prophecies, Edgar Cayce said “the purpose of life is to gain understanding of all universal laws.” We must follow the laws of righteousness, improve ourselves, coordinate emotions with mind, and keep what is good from the past. He noted we must give grace in order to receive it. We reap what we sow. This is known in the East as karma. The Revolution of Consciousness is an ongoing liberation struggle for peace and prosperity. Cayce stated repeatedly: live up to the ideal of the Law of One known as agape or spiritual love. It is not ego based on greed. We can learn this lesson, the Law of One, in this life or the next.

Cayce noted in On Prophecy, we carry over character traits from past lives which can teach us about so much more than just ourselves. Prophecy can uncover past lives and lost civilizations. Thru retro-cognition, Cayce noted the existence of Atlantis which extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the mound builders of the Mississippi River, and to North, South, and Central America. British Honduras, Morocco, and the Pyrenees were influenced by Atlantis Cayce found while in trance. Cayce tapped into what Jung called the Akashic Record of all that has, is, or will happen. Prior and subsequent scholars have concluded Atlantis diffused globally in many directions. There is a vast lost history under the ocean of our conscious mind awaiting discovery.

In On Prophecy, Cayce detailed unknown advanced civilizations from before the last Deluge. He described the “Great Crystal” or “Firestone” technology the Atlanteans used to harness solar energy and heal people. Cayce said immigrants from Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu began Egypt, Greece, India, China and the Inca. Cayce said major migrations occurred between 15,650 and 8,150 BC. He says some of the migrations were by air. Cayce speaks of Halls of Records located between the paws of the Sphynx, in Bimini, and with the Yucatan of Central America. These records will show us how to build the “Firestone.”

Cayce revealed specific information about the legacy of Atlantis from before the last great Flood. Cayce describes unknown healing springs in Bimini, which were part of Atlantis, off the coast of Florida. Noting the “sweet waters” in the north of the southern island of Bimini, Cayce saw Bimini as a potential hydro-electric power plant and shipping port. Cayce also said in the southeastern part of North Bimini, there is a fresh water well which should be established as an archaeological and healing center for those who are ill.

Cayce’s past life readings while in meditation took him back millions of years. He described the geological situation thru remote viewing of an inhabitable Antarctica and shifting poles 50,000 years ago. Cayce says cities of gold will be discovered in the Gobi Desert and Thailand from the migrations of Lemuria and Mu and further that they had electricity, elevators, voice transmission, and aerial locomotion. Lemuria and Mu were destroyed before the rise of Atlantis. Migrants from Mu brought totem poles to Oregon. Cayce opened the door to lost civilizations thru psychic trance.

Mythology and Nature

Myth provides spiritual instruction in the Law of One. The central mountain Black Elk the Lakota saw himself standing on is everywhere. The plants and animals of elemental earth, air, fire, and water speak messages to us in their own languages. Animals are our equals and in some ways may be superior. The shaman speaks to the plants and animals the magical goddess nourishes. The shaman overcomes psychological trauma, turns inward, and the unconscious is opened. The one universal language is love.

Our environmental problems are the result of being out of touch with nature. The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. All forms of life and all beings are connected thru Nature to the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One

Beauty is everywhere in Nature. “In loving the spiritual, you cannot despise the earthly.” St. Bernard wrote, “What I know of the divine sciences, I learned in woods and fields” In quiet compassion, we find grace and salvation. Solitary contemplation in the wilderness must be implemented thru determined and faithful direct actions for the individual and society.

Thru observing, respecting, and learning from Nature, we learn of universal law. St. Francis and even Bernie Sanders (2016) teach us honest love of nature, truth, and respect for all people is the way to live the Law of One. As Native American wisdom teaches us, every part of Nature and the Wheel of Life is sacred. As St. Francis of Assisi prayed, “Make me a channel of your peace.”

Joseph Campbell’s Living Mythology

Joseph Campbell was a popular modern professor of mythology influenced by Dr. Jung. Campbell’s Myths to Live By (1988) contains interviews with public journalist Bill Moyers. Campbell’s work deals with the primordial archetypes of myth and the modern world, the mythological and psychological roots for the vital journey inward, the first storytellers, the importance of sacrifice and bliss, the hero’s adventure, the goddess, love and marriage, and masks of eternity. Campbell extols myths as primordial media to express wisdom thru the unified field of spirituality.

Campbell’s work expands on Jung’s understanding of the subconscious. Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion (1991), selected and edited by Diane K. Osbon, provides a personal glimpse into Campbell’s research in the field, his thoughts on living in the world, as well as his coming into awareness about living in the sacred. Michael Toms’ interviews with Joseph Campbell in An Open Life (1989) deal with myth as metaphor, the power of the social contract, and the value of an open life as doorways into the unified field of spirituality.

Joseph Campbell found study of comparative world mythologies and archetypal motifs of the collective unconscious useful. In his Introduction to interviews with the eminent professor, Michael Toms saw Campbell as a “planetary elder or primitive shaman telling mythic tales around the fire.” Campbell was quite famous for teaching his students to “follow their bliss for everything that lives is holy.” Religion is not only for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; it is for every day when living the unified field of spirituality and Law of One.

Myths retain elemental psychological value. Myths are clues to unite the forces within us. Thoth in ancient Egypt and Hermes in ancient Greece revealed secrets of immortality to initiated priests of mystery schools. Live by the myths that as a child permitted you to forget time. Campbell noted about devotional rituals: “When the outer object of vision and religious contemplation is removed, the inward search began” Talismans are only as powerful as belief.

Universal archetypes like the wise old story-teller, young hero, and love goddess remind us of important roles to fill. The fertility goddess compassionately teaches from the heart chakra the sanctity of the earth. The hero for example hears “the Call,” goes on a spiritual and physical adventure to help others, and then brings back a message without reward. The hero must survive an ordeal for an initiation into immortality. Even in a modern myth like Star Wars, multi-dimensional presence via intuition is more important than technology. The hero must integrate the shadows or slay them. The hero must essentially confront the distant darkness and transform consciousness like Jesus in the desert or Moses or Mohammed on the mountain top. Suffering is part of life but an initiate like Buddha overcomes it.  Each person must find his or her own way thru the wilderness of being.

Symbols in the collective unconscious have the power to open our eyes and guide us to safety. Thirteen (13) is the symbol of transcendence, rebirth, and transformation. The Seal of Solomon was the Star of David made of thirteen (13) stars and the first American flag conceived by St. Germain, the magnetic professor who inspired the revolutionaries at Independence Hall. The primordial cross symbolizes the four directions and the four corners of the world from ages before Jesus. The Devil of Christian mythology was handed Poseidon’s trident at great cost to the legend of Atlantis. Drugs, dance, and sex are substitutes for our desire to experience transcendence across time and space. Transformation by a wise healing serpent is the misunderstood ancient symbol of renewal in kundalini yoga. Intuition is required more than tuition to grasp or be grasped by myths.

Myths deeply instruct us on the facts of life thru the prism of the unified field of spirituality. In The Power of Myth, the great story-teller Campbell demonstrated myths are simply metaphors to help us determine the best principles for living. “What we are learning in schools is not the wisdom of life. We’re learning technology.” Mythology is the penultimate truth which can be enacted thru ritual. So, the medieval knight enacted practice of the virtues of love, temperance, wisdom, loyalty, and courage, the true lessons of the humanities.


Dr. C.G. Jung: Modern Scholar of the Subconscious

Psychiatrist Carl Jung remains the preeminent modern scholar of the subconscious. Jung’s Modern Man in Search of a Soul (1933) deals with the methodologies and objectives of science and spirituality. “Psychotherapists or the Clergy” outlines the importance and the similarities of both analytical and spiritual healing professions. Jung’s Memories, Dreams, and Reflections (1965) were audio recorded, transcribed, and edited by Aniela Jaffe. Jung describes his youth, psychiatric practice following training with Freud, his travels, visions, and late thoughts near death. This primary source is engaging literature if not simply for Jung’s use of the subconscious to make sense of the seemingly mundane. The Portable Jung (1976) remains the abridged primary source for essential analytical writings of Dr. Jung. Following Introduction by Joseph Campbell, Jung describes in theoretical and clinical detail the individual psyche, the collective unconscious, the power of dream symbols, and mystical practices.

Psychoanalyst Dr. CG Jung found universal symbolism in the subconscious of both the ordinary and mentally ill per Henry Reed in On Mysteries of the Mind. The subconscious mind acts symbolically and subjectively. The symbolic logic of the subconscious gives birth to dreams, myths, and fairy tales. The subconscious speaks the truth of the soul. Archetypes are ancient myth motifs or primordial images passed on by the collective unconscious to medieval scholars like Jacob Burkhardt. It is impossible to separate Jung the psychoanalyst from a long line of mystic scholars and practitioners who laid the groundwork for the modern healer.

In his Introduction to the Portable Jung, Joseph Campbell noted Jung was not just a medical doctor but also a scholar of comparative mythology, alchemy, and psychology of religion. Jung realized events could “over-step space, time, and causality.” Jung discovered thru experiment dreams could be used to improve health. Jung was a modern example of a healer utilizing the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One.

Jung’s writings deal with the structure of the psyche and the unconscious. The unconscious may even extend to animals. The darker aspects of personality are known as the “shadow” Repressed impulses move energy into the unconscious. Because each cell contains spirit, we must develop inner stillness. In stillness, there is perfect clarity.

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s psychoanalytical practices in the subconscious are memorialized in Memories, Dreams, and Reflections (1965). Jung, whose father was a clergyman, realized religion played a crucial role in the psyche and psychic illness. Psychological functions, per Jung, are to: sense, think, feel, and intuit. Jung’s mission quest was inner self-realization of the unconscious especially when studying “primitive” cultures. Scientific knowledge must consider feelings to heal naturally and holistically fragmented disciplines. Jung looked particularly to the East “with its superior psychic proficiency” and found no conflict between science and spirituality under the transcendent and unifying Law of One.

Jung started studying mythology to understand archetypal dream symbols of the unconscious because he saw them as compensations for conscious attitudes. The doctor must be able to treat his wounded self to effectively treat others. Knowing thyself must come first. Such is the method of shamanistic and psychoanalytical wisdom training. We project our psychic power onto objects. With technical aid, unconscious signs may reach consciousness. “The unconscious mind of man sees correctly even when conscious reason is blind and impotent.” Dr. Bernard Siegel has proven self-healing is possible even for those with cancer. Self-improvement guru Anthony Robbins has proven success requires positive attitude and proven substantive beliefs.

Roots and Legacy of Solomon’s Temple

There are interesting parallels in the Dead Sea Scrolls with Persian Zoroastrianism including themes of good v. evil and the Apocalypse. You can even see the Arabesque designs of the Seals of Solomon and this can best be explained by remembering when Solomon built his great Temple on the Temple Mount, he also permitted pagan temples to remain.

King Solomon was liberal in his spiritual, diplomatic, and philosophical tastes but he was nonetheless a Jewish legal scholar and mystic. Solomon built his Temple to house the Tabernacle so it would open up the gates to the Four Kabbalistic Worlds of (1) Action, (2) Formation, (3) Creation, and (4) Emanation. Solomon built his Temple by putting angels and demons to work for God.

Christopher Knight’s and Robert Lomas investigate the roots and legacy of Solomon’s Temple. The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus (2005) presents evidence Freemasons trace their heritage back to secret mysteries of the Knights Templar, Gnostics, Jesus and Essenes, Solomon, and further back Egypt and Mesopotamia.

The Sumerians and Egyptians passed on cosmic awareness and solar resurrection initiation rituals that originated before the last Flood. These rituals of the Sun were passed on by founding father Abraham and law giver Moses “who was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.” The murdering outlaw but priestly warrior Moses passed what he knew of the mysteries from the Egyptians on to the “Habirus,” the Essenes, and the Jerusalem Church of Jesus and its leader Jesus’ younger brother James. The ancient interlocking Egyptian Star of David and the twin pillars of Solomon’s Temple represent the priestly (heavenly) and the kingly (earthly) Law of One, or in terms of the Protestant Reformation church and state.

The tradition of truth, justice, and righteousness (ma ’at in Egyptian) was passed on by Moses to the Essenes at Qumran and then to the progressive multi-cultural Gnostics instead of to established but corrupted institutions like the Jewish law-making Sanhedrin, the Greek Church, and Constantine. The Maccabees and Essenes connect back to the Egyptian priests and Solomon’s Temple.

Solomon’s Temple and Jesus lasted on the material plane 33 years, the same number of degrees in Freemasonry. Jesus may have raised gentile initiates, followers, and funding, and he may have gone so far as to advocate equality for women while possibly cutting ties to his family so he could focus on inciting the Spiritual Revolution. John the Baptist, James, and his brother Jesus all called themselves the Ebionim or “the poor.” This was their demonstration of the Law of One. One is all and all is One.

Some of the ideas presented in the Hiram Key dispute conventional teachings about Jesus and the roots of Judaism and Christianity. A dating error on the Declaration of Independence raises eyebrows on this generally intriguing study of mystical transmission and continuity across the ages known to anthropologists like Boas as “cultural diffusion.” Astral resurrection was nonetheless integral to the lives of Mithras, Osiris, and Jesus.

Alternative scientific theories on accepted truths must constantly be reexamined. Half of our history has never been told to the masses. Jesus exclaimed: “Nothing is hidden that will not be made known or secret that will not come to light. What I tell you in the dark speak in the light.”

Knowledge is indeed power. In the Hiram Key, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas uncover lost history of the secrets of nature connecting Sumerians, pharaohs, Solomon, Jesus, and the Freemasons. The tradition is tied together by shining light on darkness. When you know the truth from enlightenment, you are resurrected and can build the “cornerstones” of the temple of wisdom.

Since antiquity builders have known the circle and square synchronize the Law of One. They saw Jesus, a mason and carpenter, as inheritor of the secret knowledge of unified science and spirituality known to pharaohs, Moses, and Solomon. Leonardo was a Renaissance (reborn) mason taught by the Roman engineer Vitruvius. Art imitates life.

In modern times, most of Jung’s family were masons or parsons. Secret knowledge reveals deep truths like: all organic structures are based on the mathematical phi ratio, Golden Mean, or Fibonacci spiral which may be key to billions of swirling galaxies, star systems, planets, moons, and celestial bodies. Astral resurrection was integral to the lives of Mithras, Osiris, and Jesus.

During the medieval Crusades, the pilgrim protecting Knights Templar dug up the treasures of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem per Knight and Lomas. These treasures were described in the Copper Scroll at Qumran. The Knights Templar founded by Huguyes de Payen and disbanded with Jacques de Molay continued the secret tradition of resurrection in initiation rituals. Medieval legends of the chivalrous King Arthur combine Celtic, Norman, and Middle Eastern motifs of “New Jerusalem” on cathedral buildings across Europe.

The skull and bones battle flag later made famous by privateers and pirates was originally the Templar banner for resurrection. Templars then passed their ancient rituals on to skilled and principled Rosicrucians like Francis Bacon and Freemasons like St. Germain who carried the mystical orders to Scotland, Europe, and America. In England, nearly all of the first members of the scientific Royal Society were initiated Freemasons.

The Freemasons were instrumental in the sacred building of America. The Newport Observatory in Rhode Island appears to have been constructed by Freemasons. The authors indicate the Templar chapel built by the Sinclairs in Rosslyn spared by the English Revolution shows sculpted North American plants like maize and aloe unknown in Europe at the time. Such evidence corroborates the idea the Knights Templar journeyed to America centuries before Columbus.

Freemasons in America adopted the Scottish Freemason Book of Constitutions (1738). Ben Franklin was the first to print the book in North America and it exerted immense influence upon the shaping of the United States Constitution. In summary, the revolutionary secret tradition of the ages upholds the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One.

Manly P. Hall on Universal Wisdom

Manly P. Hall pioneered modern character education in the unified field of spirituality. Character is how you do more than you think you can. Character education provides the foundation for metaphysical spirituality integral to secular and religious education. Hall’s Words to the Wise: A Practical Guide to the Esoteric Sciences (1936/1964/2009) concisely deals with philosophical virtues, sources, schools, and psychic phenomena involved in study of the secret wisdom tradition. As Heraclitus exclaimed: “Character is fate.” Hall’s guide furnishes study plans for students and teachers of the esoteric sciences.

Manly P. Hall was founder of the University of Philosophical Research. Hall was an encyclopedic master of esoteric sciences by his early twenties. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy (1928/2003) was revolutionary for its in-depth yet expansive treatment of the ancient mysteries, secret societies, hidden rituals of the mystery traditions, and buried treasures of religious history. From worship of the Sun and Zodiac, to the human body, animals, plants, the elements, alchemy, myths and archetypes, Hall’s work exhaustively reveals keys to the symbolic mysteries which unlock sublime divine truths, the goal of spiritual education and experience.

Hall’s approach to religion is based on a simple code connecting ethical values with love of wisdom. Hall discovered living ethical principles reveals spiritual insights. He advises students and teachers in Words to the Wise to “(d)o ill to no man, give to all that which is justly theirs, think good thoughts, perform kind actions, be patient in all things, and have faith in the Universal Power.” Cicero knew: “the wise man is modest in success, patient in adversity, and at peace with all things.” There can be no long-term success in any venture including life in general without applying ethical first principles from the universal field of spirituality and the Law of One.

In Words to the Wise, Hall notes all faiths are part of the Universal Wisdom religion. Spiritual investigation of inner esoteric wisdom comes from those mature enough to seek psychoanalytically and emotionally what is necessary for self-improvement. People from all religious backgrounds can seek divine truth. Pursuing a path in mystical philosophy is to seek direct participation in divine truth. “Self-unfoldment” involves disciplined purification, tradition, inspection, instruction, and illumination. Experience illuminates sacred knowledge and wisdom for individual seekers and initiates of mystery schools in all ages.

In Words to the Wise, Hall emphasizes the importance of individual virtue for the metaphysician. He rails against deception and fraud for money. Buddha and Mohammed were solitary seekers of truth. A solid intellect and emotional nature must be under “good control. Illumination is the reward for virtue and discipline.

Hall advises spiritual buyers to beware of deception in Words to the Wise. Hall says be on the lookout for occult fakers bearing false teachings. Material wealth from corrupt political structures does not make someone spiritually educated. “Philosophy makes men rich not in outward possessions but in inward consciousness.”

High and noble intensity of purpose is the true cost of wisdom. Hall calls for right noble thought and action by those seeking wisdom. Those “faithful to the little things shall be made master over greater things” Being separate from Nature, God, and neighbors and loving gluttony result in individual organ disease and failure and the destruction of the collective environment thru wasteful exhaustion of resources. Respect for nature and all beings is essential for peace, happiness, and survival.