Anatomy of the Spirit and the Soul

The Greek word for “soul” is psyche. Plato said the soul is like a circle with ego and unconscious within it. As in Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Sky, the circle symbolizes totality of time and space. The ancient Greek Plotinus held the soul has a unique daimon which selects the body, parents, place and circumstance which it has forgotten. The Latin word for soul is genius and it is the heart’s calling. As the ancient Egyptians priests of the Mystery School of Horus knew, the goal of life is transformation of the soul. Knowing the why and how you live is the first step. The next imperative step is to find your soul’s calling. James Hillman addressed this vital pursuit in The Soul’s Code.

There is no fate. There is only vision and motivation from deep within the soul. The introvert may feel what he or she must do according to intuition and holistic awareness of natural propensities. Extraordinary people demonstrate their calling or purpose most evidently and remain loyal to it. These visionaries excite, guide, and warn us to elevate our world. Exceptional people are addicted to perfection and must guard against negative responses to weaknesses. Weaknesses perhaps may not develop into strengths but they can create insightful and cathartic products of art and culture. Intuition is a gift of what is necessary from the soul.

The Hebrew word for “breath” and “spirit” is ruach. Spirit is the bouquet of the soul of nature. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh says “breath connects life to consciousness.” Give your inner creative activities a sacred time and space to meditate each day. Meditate on the mandala. Aristotle said the soul was form and motion of a body. Leave the temporal body to connect with the unified field of spirituality thru still meditation and fluid action as in tai chi or martial arts. The spirit wants to be extroverted and channel thru positive activities. Yoga, for example, consists of intentional stopping of the mind on which Jung and Cayce focused to get to the soul. All souls want to do is dance like Shiva, the mythical goddess of death and rebirth in India. Inspiration means to breathe in and out spirit to be reborn now in each moment.

Dr. Caroline Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit (1996) reveals seven (7) stages of power and healing. Myss provides holistic solutions in energy medicine and intuition. Myss focuses on the power of God and the Seven Sacred Truths. These truths are based respectively on the chakras or sefirot as explained in Hindu, Buddhist, and Kabbalistic practices. In ascending order from the ground, chakras provide energy for tribal, relationships, personal, emotional, will, mind, and spirit powers. Myss concludes with a guide for the contemporary mystic to activate spirit and move matter with energy.

Dr. Caroline Myss focuses on empowering our individual and collective human energy fields. Myss surveys the anatomy of the spirit or geist (ghost) in German. Although Hegel believed in the nineteenth century there was not only a collective unconscious of the world or zeitgeist, but he also understood individuals and ideas are syntheses of positive theses and negative anti-theses. Balance comes from synthesizing of positive and negative. Myss discovered emotional energy is thoughts transformed into biological matter. Myss started studying mysticism and schizophrenia and found she could heal all types of people using the unified field of spirituality and Law of One.

Myss discovered intuition is a skill and not a gift. In other words, intuition could be developed. She stated energy medicine must focus on the chakras. Myss discovered energy blockages in particular chakras corresponded to certain organs, mental and emotional issues, and physical dysfunctions. These are probably the auras Edgar Cayce saw. These seven (7) chakras provide opportunities to elevate energetically our individual powers. Here in summary form are the chakras (Sanskrit) or energy centers as they correspond to the sefirot (Hebrew) of Jewish mysticism to form the Tree of Life:


  1.  Tribe               Cocyx
  2. Power              Abdomen
  3. Self                   Solar Plexus
  4. Love                 Heart
  5. Will                  Throat
  6. Mind                Third Eye
  7. Oneness           Crown


  1. Tribe                Cocyx                         Shekinah             Creation
  2. Power              Abdomen                  Yesod                    Foundation
  3. Self                   Solar Plexus              Hod                       Majesty
  4. Love                 Heart                          Tifferet                 Beauty
  5. Will                  Throat                        Gevurah               Judgement
  6. Mind                Third Eye                   Binah                    Understanding
  7. Oneness           Crown                        Keter                     Transcendent

Myss uses detachment, intuition, and “symbolic sight” to determine how patterns of physical, mental, and emotional stressors cause people diseases. Myss learned how to heal each disease spiritually for all disease is at root spiritual. Myss is a medical intuitive like Edgar Cayce. Myss was first influenced by her chance meeting with a shaman named Rachel and later capitalized on support from founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA), C. Norman Shealy, MD and PhD. Symbolic sight involves sixth sense healing of connections among living energy systems.

Myss learned to diagnose electromagnetic vibrations and frequencies of organs and systems. Chemicals form thoughts and emotions are converted into matter. Emotional or spiritual stressors like dominant negativity and anger remain root causes of dis-eases such as migraines and ulcers. Myss teaches people to locate and diagnose energy problems manifesting in their own corresponding organs, systems, and physical bodies. For example, third chakra problems result in indigestion while fourth chakra problems yield heart and lung problems. Negative emotions handicap the immune system. Success involves liberating your energy force.

Myss teaches the unified field of spirituality must be approached thru the holistic Law of One. She focuses on the above seven (7) chakras or power centers for healing. Poverty, powerlessness, and illness are linked. Visualization and living a life of purpose are positive remedies. We breathe life into whatever we believe. Self-knowledge promotes choice and action. Choose to exercise faithful creation instead of negatives like fear, jealousy, and hatred. Violating someone else’s energy systems violates your own.


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