Hillman on the Soul’s Code

James Hillman’s The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling (1996) demonstrates how the healing of one’s soul can overcome childhood pain and suffering to find a personal calling. Determining a basic personal mission is vital to building a life of happiness.

Hillman’s research on the soul paves the way for powering the subconscious and conscious minds to heal the self and others. Anthony Robbins’ masterpieces in neuro-linguistics programming such as Awaken the Giant Within (2003), in the tradition of self-empowerment gurus like Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale, show the reader techniques to take control of mental, emotional, physical, and financial destiny.

Wise students prepare their souls to receive knowledge. They build their own capacity to know. Unshakable integrity is paramount. Discrimination, application, patience, moderation, detachment, and relaxation are values that come from the soul not possessions. The soul feeds the heart and mind. “Beautiful language” of the soul “has a ministry to perform.” There is no greater language than that of the universal field of spirituality and the Law of One.