Cayce on Developing Psychic Abilities

Though not a medical doctor, Edgar Cayce, the healer of thousands without fee, stated in On Prophecy, one’s emotions could make him sick or well. Cayce stated we must sociologically evolve to heal others and ourselves. When we do, we will develop psychic powers including intuition and telepathy. Cayce stated the Atlanteans were gifted in metaphysical sciences, the arts, and psychic abilities, and they knew there were many past deluges. He said all time, past, present, and future are one and artists, writers, poets, and psychics teach us to free ourselves from the constraints of conventional linear time. When one grows in virtue, character, and patience, psychic abilities naturally develop.

In On Religion and Psychic Experience, Cayce said we should look to the little things like helpful speech and deeds, kind thoughts, and overlooking failures as the way to covenant with God. “Be interested in the other fellow if you want him to be interested in you.” Cayce would connect his soul with that of the sublime as William James called it in Varieties of Religious Experience. Emerson would call it the “Oversoul” while Jung would call it the “superconscious.”

 In On Religion and Psychic Experience, Harmon Hartzell Bro, Ph.D. noted Cayce believed it was vital we forgive and “turn loose those who hurt us.” Cayce was a channel whose self-induced trances could be relaxed, focused, or visionary. Cayce only wanted to be a “channel of blessings for others.” He implored people “to live as you pray.” Cayce heralded the modern call to meditation and compassionate action. He lived the lessons of Rabbis Hillel and Jesus.

Psychokinesis or mind over matter ran in Cayce’s family. He said, “psychic perception and psychokinesis are advanced forms of creativity.” Love, Cayce said, was the key to unlocking psychic powers. Even Jesus stated, “I will send you the Holy Spirit to make known to you all things from all times.” Jesus did not condemn the psyche’s ability to access the divine. He fulfilled these abilities thru heredity and purpose.

In On Religion and Psychic Experience, Bro noted myths, symbols, dogmas, codes, and initiations attuned the soul to alignment with the One. Cayce even proved this thru his own conscious actions. He once gave a lecture using an award-winning photo of a homeless man he took. He once said he saw the dead taking part in lecture and said “they need the prayer energy of the living.” Cayce saw visions in trance of souls leaving their bodies on battlefields to look for help. He tried a ouija board once with his wife and they never used it again.

Cayce saw auras around people and places. They could be healing auras or haunted ones but what matters is we have merciful grace for mind, body, and spirit. Do not condemn self or others. Instead seek the light in all instead of “constrictive conscience.” He often repeated “I am my brother’s keeper.” Sin, he noted, is self-aggrandizement. Love is the healing, cleansing, and blessing energies which raise vibrations. Love is the Law of One. Forgiveness heals doubt, fear, anger, hatred, and violence.

In On Religion and Psychic Experience, Cayce said we must have patience for kairos, the moment of readiness. Prayer and meditation free creativity. Cleansing of the body and thoughts is essential. We must balance diet, rest, recreation, and work for meditation to be effective. He also mentioned the importance of breathing, chanting, incense, gongs, instrumental music, and candles. A flowing stream of light should fill awareness. Early morning is best.

Wisdom is not only patient but understanding. In patience is your soul. The superconscious found in meditation reveals how things really are. God is in all people and places. Cayce would suggest a wide variety of healing methods such as drugs, surgery, electro-therapy, diet, exercise, hydro-therapy, psycho-therapy, hypno-therapy, serums, and vaccines. He believed there was special power in group meditation and prayer.

Attitude matters. In On Mysteries of the Mind, Henry Reed says we must get happy and imagine and believe in the possible. He calls this a “consciousness revolution.” The subconscious has other senses awaiting discovery. Just think of how we can sometimes tell when someone thinks of us. Hypnosis can access the mysterious subconscious for answers. Like Cayce, Jung utilized the practice of self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a way to communicate with the subconscious. The subconscious mind controls the operations of the body. “What the mind can conceive and believe, the person can achieve.” The formula for inspiration can be hypnosis or dreaming. Day dream based on your ideal. Great dreams inspire political, scientific, and artistic innovation.

The subconscious and superconscious are different. The subconscious mind handles telepathy while the superconscious handles clairvoyance and intuition. Cayce used the superconscious for clairvoyance which included intuitively locating needed medicines on the back shelf of a pharmacy in a distant town. Intuition is the highest form of psychic thinking.

Ideas of course matter. A nation is a state of mind with emotional attachment. Affinity is subconscious and symbolic rather than logical. Cayce Reading 4083-1: “An entity body-mind was first a soul before it entered into material consciousness” The dimensions of the soul are spirit, mind, and will. Spirit is the one life force, mind, the pattern generator, and will, the chooser. Creation is soul projection.

Expectations create reality. Even science and sensations are subjective and biased value systems. Create and choose ideas and the ideal to develop a life. The right self-reliant attitude consistent with ethical ideals is essential. We must heal negative attitudes. Love conquers fear.

We must learn to forgive for peace of mind. Forgiveness is healthy. Condemning others is condemning self. Forgiveness releases our grip on anger and fear.” Cayce Reading 4021-1: “No one can hate his neighbor and not have stomach or liver trouble.” One cannot be jealous and allow anger of same and not have upset digestion or heart disorder.” Chronic stress is bad for health.

Set a spiritual ideal. The right mental attitude is revealed thru upstanding actions. The belief in a Higher Power is more important than a personal need for power. Imagine your ideal to shape the will. Expectations are fulfilled. Free will is stronger than destiny. I am reminded Hitler thought of himself as an embodiment of the wolf which in German translates to “athal,” which bears a strong resemblance to the root of the word “Atlantis.” Spirituality is just a power that can be misused as Cayce said destroyed the Atlanteans. Spiritual power is neither good nor evil. What matters is we holistically use the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One.

Cayce understood the mind, nervous system, and endocrine system interact in one’s health or illness. Attitude causes emotional and physical effects. Attitude more than facts predict subjective experience. Daily doses of laughter can cure terminal illness. Slow and deep breathing can stop panic. Walking in a proud and upbeat posture creates a better mood. Walking and exercise strengthen the immune system and can defeat depression. Cayce said “all illness is sin.”

Cayce often advised relaxed meditation. Breath is everything yogis teach. Inhalation is inspiration. The ideal of meditation is to set the self aside. Doing that strengthens the psychic centers or chakras and the corresponding endocrine glands. Change in the mental and spiritual is just as important as balancing and strengthening the physical body.

In On Reincarnation, Noel Langley points out the subconscious is immortal. Pythagoras and Plato said the soul is older than the body and is “continually born again into this life.” Origen, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, and St. Gregory all agreed. “When any spirit leaves the earth, the energy field is influenced.”

Cayce was precise in describing past lives of individuals in readings. Cayce noted: “We are the sum totals of all our memories…habits, idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes, talents, blind spots, and physical strengths and vulnerabilities.” Cayce could see from past lives why a child’s proclivities exist. Yet, Cayce understood the will is more powerful than the planets and stars under whose energies one is born. We know so little about the roots of our individual and collective being.


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