Solar Resurrection in the Universal Tradition

There exists evidence of great world destructions in different ages. Migrant Atlantean art remains on cave walls in Basque Spain, France, and with Calo in Florida. The Atlantean heritage of living in harmony with nature and the Sun, moon, planets, and stars came and went. This tradition was adopted by psychic shamans and other spiritual leaders who “rebirthed” the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Lakota of North America. The seafaring Phoenicians who produced the first alphabet from pictograms say Atlanteans were the first great world traders. Unfortunately, much of Phoenician history was lost with repeated destruction of the libraries at Carthage and Alexandria.

Atlanteans were known as the “Children of the Law of One.” They judged people by their ethical character instead of material possessions like the “Sons of Belial.” In the ancient Middle East, the underground Essenes preserved the wisdom of the scriptures instead of orthodox Judaism which appeased Roman Sons of Darkness and the conservative rabbinical establishment known as the Sanhedrin. Cayce says the Essenes at Qumran and Masada were derived from Melchizedek, Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, Jesus, and John.

In the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Melchizedek says Mary and Joseph were Essenes. The Essenes accepted Jews and gentiles demonstrating the Law of One. Jesus taught forgiveness and turning the other cheek instead of revenge. Cayce said: “The very thing you wish to control in the other person is the thing that will destroy you.” You and the “other” are one. That is the Law of One. This is how Paradise is built from the Temple of Poseidon. Sonar, seismic, and aerial surveys will continue to reveal pre-diluvian megalithic structures above and under water. Joseph Campbell reminds us the largest buildings a culture constructs reveals its highest values and beliefs.

Since antiquity builders have known the circle and square synchronize the Law of One. They saw Jesus, a mason and carpenter, as inheritor of the secret knowledge of unified science and spirituality known to pharaohs, Moses, and Solomon. Leonardo was a Renaissance (reborn) mason taught by the Roman engineer Vitruvius. In modern times, most of Jung’s family were masons or parsons. Secret knowledge reveals deep truths like: all organic structures are based on the mathematical phi ratio, Golden Mean, or Fibonacci spiral which may be key to billions of swirling galaxies, star systems, planets, moons, and celestial bodies. Art imitates life.

Alternative scientific theories on accepted truths must constantly be reexamined. Half of our history has never been told to the masses. Jesus exclaimed: “Nothing is hidden that will not be made known or secret that will not come to light. What I tell you in the dark speak in the light.” Knowledge is indeed power. In the Hiram Key, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas uncover lost history of the secrets of nature connecting Sumerians, pharaohs, Solomon, Jesus, and the Freemasons. The tradition is tied together by shining light on darkness. When you know the truth from enlightenment, you are resurrected and can build the “cornerstones” of the temple of wisdom.

The Sumerians and Egyptians passed on cosmic awareness and solar resurrection initiation rituals that originated before the last Flood. These rituals of the Sun were passed on by founding father Abraham and law giver Moses “who was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.” The murdering outlaw Moses passed what he knew from the Egyptians on to the “Habirus,” the Essenes, and the Jerusalem Church of Jesus and its leader Jesus’ younger brother James. The ancient interlocking Egyptian Star of David and the twin pillars of Solomon’s Temple represent the priestly (heavenly) and the kingly (earthly) Law of One, or in terms of the Protestant Reformation church and state.

The Celtic and Roman Sun God Sol was born on December 25th and in many languages the Sun God translates to “the Most-High.” Solomon himself married the pharaoh’s daughter and allowed temples from many religions to be built in Jerusalem. Nevertheless, virtually all the records of the Jerusalem Church were burned at Alexandria by the Roman Church to make determining Church origins from Persia, Babylon, Hyksos, and Canaanites difficult to prove. The Church then upheld Jewish prophet Ezekiel’s ban of most Egyptian rituals following Babylonian captivity and return of exiles.

The Maccabees started the Jewish independence movement by declaring war against “unjust” pagan Syrian Greek occupiers. The Jewish celebration of Chanukkah celebrates victory for their One True God echoing Amon-Ra. The next violently nationalistic Jewish grassroots rebellion was against Rome and its corrupt and greedy Sons of Darkness. The Qumran Church evolved into the Jerusalem Church led by Jesus after James’ (not Jesus’) crucifixion per Knight and Lomas in The Hiram Key. Such alternative versions of war leader Jesus have been purged from most Protestant versions of the Bible. Recent archaeological finds indicate the Essene monastery at Qumran was stockpiling arms for rebellion.

The tradition of truth, justice, and righteousness (ma ’at in Egyptian) was passed on by Moses to the Essenes at Qumran and then to the progressive multi-cultural Gnostics instead of to established institutions of corruption like the Jewish law-making Sanhedrin, the Greek Church, and Constantine. The Maccabees and Essenes connect back to the Egyptian priests and Solomon’s Temple. Solomon’s Temple and Jesus lasted on the material plane 33 years, the same number of degrees in Freemasonry. Jesus may have raised gentile initiates, followers, and funding, and he may have gone so far as to advocate equality for women while possibly cutting ties to his family so he could focus on inciting the Spiritual Revolution. John the Baptist, James, and his brother Jesus all called themselves the Ebionim or “the poor.” This was their demonstration of the Law of One. One is all and all is One.

During the medieval Crusades, the pilgrim protecting Knights Templar dug up the treasures of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem per Knight and Lomas. These treasures were described in the Copper Scroll at Qumran. The Knights Templar founded by Huguyes de Payen and disbanded with Jacques de Molay continued the secret tradition of resurrection in initiation rituals. Resurrection was integral to the lives of Mithras, Osiris, and Jesus. The skull and bones battle flag later made famous by privateers was originally the Templar banner for resurrection. Templars then passed their ancient rituals on to skilled and principled Rosicrucians like Francis Bacon and Freemasons like St. Germain who carried the mystical orders to Scotland, Europe, and America. In England, nearly all of the first members of the scientific Royal Society were initiated Freemasons.


The Freemasons were instrumental in the sacred building of America. The Newport Observatory in Rhode Island appears to have been constructed by Freemasons. The authors indicate the Templar chapel built by the Sinclairs in Rosslyn spared by the English Revolution shows sculpted North American plants like maize and aloe unknown in Europe at the time. Such evidence corroborates the idea the Knights Templar journeyed to America centuries before Columbus. Medieval legends of the chivalrous King Arthur combine Celtic, Norman, and Middle Eastern motifs of “New Jerusalem” on cathedral buildings across Europe. Freemasons in America adopted the Scottish Freemason Book of Constitutions (1738). Ben Franklin was the first to print them in North America. The revolutionary secret tradition of the ages upholds the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One.