Introduction to the Unified Field of Spirituality and the Law of One


Reid Friedson, PhD

The unified field of spirituality reveals timeless truth. It integrates and balances metaphysical philosophy, comparative religion, systematic theology, cosmology, natural sciences, the social sciences of archaeology, anthropology, history, psychology, and psychiatry with the arts and humanities. The truth in science and spirituality is what works. Dig deeply into the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One to make revolutionary change.

Holistically approaching the unified field of spirituality reveals the Law of One. The Law of One states all matter is connected by one flowing energy source known as chi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit of India. Consciousness is energy of mind, body, and soul which can move matter. The Law of One is the highest stage of consciousness accessed thru the unified field of spirituality. Spiritual trailblazers in a wide array of disciplines inspire positive change in the material world

The unified field of spirituality is fertile ground for the twenty-first century revolution in consciousness. Early in the modern era, mystically inspired scientist Albert Einstein theorized there is no matter only field and vibration. Tesla added the key to energy is not just field and vibration but also frequency. Thales informed the law of conservation of energy in physics. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. Energy is only transformed. Bridging the divide, medieval Jewish metaphysical philosopher Martin Buber summed it up this way: “We are all part of the universal energy that continues even after we die.”

Wisdom teachers ancient and modern demonstrate we can access lost history and prophecy thru the unified field of spirituality. Knowledge of the subconscious and unconscious must be unified for spiritual advancement per Roberto Assagioli’s theory of “psychsynthesis.” Jung intoned unify the eternal Akashic Record of past, present, and future with practice of divine, sublime, and powerful techniques to heal mind, body, and soul—the great triad of metaphysical being.

Deep wisdom teachers, scholars, and practitioners in the unified field of spirituality and the Law of One include: Dr. CG Jung (psychiatry), Robert L. Van de Castle (dreams), Joseph Campbell (mythology), Edgar Cayce (prophecy), Aldous Huxley (philosophy), the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (theology and social justice), Manly P. Hall (esoteric sciences), Drunvalo Melchizedek (physics of consciousness), Graham Hancock (lost civilizations), Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas (secret knowledge), Zechariah Sitchin (space origins), James Hillman (soul), Gary Doore and Jose and Lena Stevens (shamanism), Caroline Myss (spirit), and Sandra Ingerman (healing).