Defend Whistleblowers in Florida Education

I taught at Stoneman Douglas. I warned Indian River State College (IRSC) about guns in a student’s trunk. Student also claimed she was having an affair with an IRSC professor.

I warned the IRSC Trustees about unfair labor practices and retaliation against adjunct professors who teach 75% of their classes and ask about health care with a full time teaching load. No response or mitigation.

I warned IRSC about personnel calling an adjunct a “pushy Jew.” IRSC and Florida DOE refuse to respond. I warned Florida Department of Education and IRSC Trustees of negligence and malpractice against whistleblowers in Florida education. IRSC’s malpractice defense and union busting law firms refuse to respond.

The Trustees of Indian River State College and officials at the Florida Department of Education including the Commissioner of Education must now resign. Florida Department of Education needs to be investigated by Justice.

I warned Justice on July 4, 2016 of corrupt racketeering by NRA backed Trump Ring including Rick Scott and Associates. Justice investigated. Sign and share People of Florida’s July 4, 2016 corrupt racketeering petition against RICO Scott and Associates. Thank you Rosenstein and Mueller. Bust the Trump Ring:


Atlantis Rising

Reid Friedson

Egypt and other worldwide cultures were influenced by Atlantis and other pre-diluvian civilizations hidden from the world. The best modern book on Atlantis was written by Shirley Andrews. In Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization (1999), she synthesized the work of the relevant classical and modern scholars, scientists, and psychics like Edgar Cayce. Andrews’ work is laboriously researched and magnificently written with sound logic and vivid imagination. Atlantis is a fantastic read on the grand heritage of pre-historic civilizations and how they were more advanced spiritually and technologically than we are today.

As a Sunday Bible school teacher and psychic healer, Edgar Cayce also taught, practiced, and lived the Law of One. Campbell called love “the first law of life.” In On Prophecies, Edgar Cayce said: “the purpose of life is to gain understanding of all universal laws.” We must follow the laws of righteousness, improve ourselves, coordinate emotions with…

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Dreams, Mythical Symbols, and Archetypes

In Our Dreaming Mind, Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D. noted dream journals facilitate creation of individual dream leitmotifs. Some dreams may involve reincarnation. Experiments demonstrate telepathy is possible in dreams. Maimonides stated dreams show what is in your heart and “the imaginative faculty in sleep is the same as when one receives a prophecy.” Astral travel and remote sensing are therefore possible awake or asleep. Dreams, like films in the dark, can be prophetic since they are inter-dimensional without limitations of time and space. Poetry, like dreams, and song use images to communicate meaning. Dreams, like Gandhi’s and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, can inspire political revolutions and social movements. Dreams have inspired a wide variety of religious prophets and military and scientific leaders. The unconscious “storied thinking of dreams is responsible for all cultural evolution.”

The ancient subconscious philosophy of mind and the archetypes of the soul are being rediscovered in the modern era. Values illuminate character. Wisdom bestows security far beyond wealth of this world and immortality in the next. What remains is the symbolic morality of dreams, stories, fables, and parables which speak to our individual subconscious and collective unconscious. The individual conscience is merely the sharp tip of the iceberg. In fact, dreams led to recent discoveries of ancient Egyptian cities and artifacts by the Fayheds. The Great Pyramid is believed by some scholars to be older than the Egyptians and the pre-Egyptian Sphynx is believed to contain the fourth dimensional Halls of Amenti.

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s psychoanalytical practices in the subconscious are memorialized in Memories, Dreams, and Reflections (1965). Jung, whose father was a clergyman, realized religion played a crucial role in the psyche and psychic illness. Psychological functions, per Jung, are to: sense, think, feel, and intuit. Jung’s mission quest was inner self-realization of the unconscious especially when studying “primitive” cultures. Scientific knowledge must consider feelings to heal naturally and holistically fragmented disciplines. Jung looked particularly to the East “with its superior psychic proficiency” and found no conflict between science and spirituality under the transcendent and unifying Law of One.

Symbols speak to transcendent truth. The Taoist symbol instructed Jung there is light in the dark and dark in the light. Only a unified personality can experience life. Adventure is key. “The treasure hard to attain lies hidden in the ocean of the unconscious and only the brave can reach it.” Holderlin knew furthermore: “Where danger is, arises salvation also.” Modern alchemists today advance philosophical secrets far beyond Hegel’s dialectic of synthesized opposites. Yet, in many parts of the world, the introverted World Soul of the collective unconscious (zeitgeist) is more important than the extroverted and selfish Western Universal Mind. Mythical symbols are produced by the unconscious soul and spirit. Dreams can be influenced by physical symptoms of the body. Cayce claimed many dreams are related to improper diet, incorrect posture, or predisposition to some illness.” We are more than we think. Write down your dreams or consult a dream helper. Meditation assists in dream recall.

Jung started studying mythology to understand archetypal dream symbols of the unconscious because he saw them as compensations for conscious attitudes. The doctor must be able to treat his wounded self to effectively treat others. Knowing thyself must come first. Such is the method of shamanistic and psychoanalytical wisdom training. We project our psychic power onto objects. With technical aid, unconscious signs may reach consciousness. “The unconscious mind of man sees correctly even when conscious reason is blind and impotent.” Dr. Bernard Siegel has proven self-healing is possible even for those with cancer. Self-improvement guru Anthony Robbins has proven success requires a positive attitude in goal setting.

Joseph Campbell found study of comparative world mythologies and archetypal motifs of the collective unconscious useful. In his Introduction to interviews with the eminent professor, Michael Toms saw Campbell as a “planetary elder or primitive shaman telling mythic tales around the fire.” Campbell was quite famous for teaching his students to “follow their bliss for everything that lives is holy.” Religion is not only for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; it is for every day when living the unified field of spirituality and Law of One.

Myths retain elemental psychological value. Myths are clues to unite the forces within us. Thoth in ancient Egypt and Hermes in ancient Greece revealed secrets of immortality to initiated priests of mystery schools. Live by the myths that as a child permitted you to forget time. Campbell noted about devotional rituals: “When the outer object of vision and religious contemplation is removed, the inward search began” Talismans are only as powerful as belief.

Universal archetypes like the wise old story-teller, young hero, and love goddess remind us of important roles to fill. The fertility goddess compassionately teaches from the heart chakra the sanctity of the earth. The hero for example hears “the call,” goes on a spiritual and physical adventure to help others, and then brings back a message without reward. The hero must survive an ordeal for initiation into immortality. Even in a modern myth like Star Wars, multi-dimensional presence via intuition is more important than technology. The hero must integrate the shadows or slay them. The hero must essentially confront the distant darkness and transform consciousness like Jesus in the desert or Moses or Mohammed on the mountain top. Suffering is part of life but an initiate like Buddha overcomes it.  Each person must find his or her own way thru the wilderness of being.

Symbols in the collective unconscious have the power to open our eyes and guide us to safety. Thirteen (13) is the symbol of transcendence, rebirth, and transformation. The Seal of Solomon was the Star of David made of thirteen (13) stars and the first American flag may have been conceived by St. Germain, the magnetic professor who inspired the American revolutionaries at Independence Hall. The primordial cross symbolizes the four directions and the four corners of the world from ages before Jesus. The Devil of Christian mythology was handed Poseidon’s trident at great cost to the legend of Atlantis. Drugs, dance, and sex are substitutes for our desire to experience transcendence across time and space. Transformation by a wise healing serpent is the misunderstood ancient symbol of renewal in kundalini yoga. Intuition is required more than tuition to grasp or be grasped by myths.

Myths deeply instruct us on the facts of life thru the prism of the unified field of spirituality. In Power of Myth, the great story-teller Campbell demonstrated myths are simply metaphors to help us determine the best principles for living. “What we are learning in schools is not the wisdom of life. We’re learning technology.” Mythology is the penultimate truth which can be enacted thru ritual. So, the medieval knight enacted practice of the virtues of love, temperance, wisdom, loyalty, and courage, the true lessons of the humanities.

Space Origins, Lost Civilizations, and Atlantis

Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles explores evidence humanity’s wisdom comes from extra-terrestrials. The Stairway to Heaven (1985), Wars of God and Men (1985), When Time Began: The First New Age (1993), and Divine Encounters: A Guide to Visions, Angels, and Other Emissaries (1995) are impressively utilized. Sitchin painstakingly translates the ancient languages of Sumerian, Hebrew, and Egyptian in his thought provoking and ground-breaking studies. Sitchin expands on van Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods (1968) to demonstrate extra-terrestrial “gods” genetically engineered the technological advancement of human civilizations on Earth when the planet Nibiru enters Earth’s orbit every 3,600 years. Sitchin shows evidence extra-terrestrial “gods” have been coming to Earth for at least 450,000 years.

In Heaven’s Mirror, investigative author Graham Hancock takes us on a quest for the lost civilization(s). He found the megalithic pyramid and astrological temple structures around the world date back at least 20,000 years and show an astounding level of knowledge about our solar system and star systems in our galaxy. Even more impressive is the technological acuity and integration of science into an advanced unified field of spirituality. There are across the globe stone calendar secrets of the zodiac from before the Deluge of 10,500 BC, 6,000 years before construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Civilization is far older than we have been taught to believe in mainstream education of the United States of America.

Graham Hancock’s Heaven’s Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization (1998) deals with the amazing similarities of technologically advanced megalithic structures in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Heaven’s Mirror is beautifully photographed by Hancock’s wife Santha Faiia. Hancock’s work led to the realization, assisted by extra-terrestrial “gods,” human beings have been constructing pyramids in Europe, Indonesia, and across the world for at least the last 20,000 years, more than 16,000 years before the pyramids of ancient Egypt are believed by mainstream scholars to have been built.  The archaeological evidence demonstrates civilization is ages older and more advanced than generally believed.

In Heaven’s Mirror, Graham Hancock goes on a quest for the lost civilization by focusing on these sacred power spots applying scientific principles from the unified field of spirituality. Hancock found ancient megaliths were indeed masters of science and spirituality beyond even our knowledge today. Cities of the Sun like Heliopolis were built for followers of Horus who taught the “mysteries of Heaven.” In ancient Egypt, 72 was recognized as a sacred number integrated into the architecture of temples. It was also used by Jewish Kabbalists as the number of holy names of God. There are 72 mandala-like temples illustrating the Five Ages or Suns at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is also 72 degrees longitude east of the Pyramids of Giza. Seventy-two (72) is the number of years it takes the Earth’s poles to shift one degree with catastrophic repercussions, a phenomenon known as precession, resulting in the Deluge.

We are intrigued by our connections to star and planetary systems due to the unified field of spirituality. Ancient sky religions such as that of Nazca, which lies 180 degrees east of Gaza in South America, reflect the constellation of stars including the Sun. It is no coincidence the foundation stones of Judaism and Islam originated in outer space. The ancient astronomer priests tell us of the time giants built massive temples like Stonehenge with still unknown technologies. It is no coincidence the temple at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia bears similarities to the King’s Camber in the Pyramid at Giza. Many sacred sites around the world are known as the same “navel of the world.” They seem to be connected in what Beth Hagens, Richard Hoagland, and others define as electromagnetic energy centers of sacred consciousness around our Earth. The nature of the universe is revealed to human consciousness thru time, space, and matter. We are part of the universe and it is part of us.

In the Earth Chronicles, Sitchin discovered Sumerian records of what it was like to approach our seventh planet from outer space. The Sumerians stated the moons of a planet named Nibiru (Marduk in Babylonian) orbit into our solar system every 3,600 years. They say its moon even struck Earth creating the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Sitchin states Nibiru’s very tall conscious beings, the Annunaki or Nefilim, came to earth 450,000 years ago to solve an atmospheric insulation problem mining gold in Africa. Sitchin says in opposition to a revolt of their own miners on Earth led by Enlil, the Nefilim genetically created a hybrid human race to serve as slaves 200,000 years ago. Enlil’s son Enki (snake), convinced Eve to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Many of the stories of the Old Testament can be traced back to the Sumerians.

The unified field of spirituality lifts the veil from lost history and prophecy. John Anthony West believes based on water marks on the Egyptian Sphinx, it was built before the Great Flood of 10,500 BC, a significant date displaying constellations and celestial markers like solstices on megaliths worldwide. Perhaps this was when the “moai” (scholars) of Easter Island built and left behind in their once larger country giant heaven gazing megaliths. Perhaps this is the same time giant Afro-Polynesian Olmec heads were constructed in Central America. After all, the Aztecs say they came to Mexico after the Flood from their island called Aztlan. The Aztec plumed serpent, like the dragon, nevertheless remains a universal symbol of resurrected wisdom and spirituality. Tibetans and Hindus say our cycles of ages or yugas are connected to consciousness. Like a computer, human memory requires a steady living magnetic field. Perhaps we do not remember so easily due to environmental changes in electro-magnetism. Electro-magnetic vortexes may be the wormholes and star gates to other dimensions in space and time.

Egypt and other worldwide cultures were influenced by Atlantis and other pre-diluvian civilizations lost to the world. The best modern book on Atlantis was written by Shirley Andrews. In Atlantis: Insights from a Lost Civilization (1999), she synthesized the work of the relevant classical and modern scholars, scientists, and psychics like Edgar Cayce. Andrews’ work is laboriously researched and magnificently written with sound logic and vivid imagination. Atlantis is a fantastic read on the grand heritage of pre-historic civilizations and how they were more advanced spiritually and technologically than we are today.

Psychic clairvoyant Edgar Cayce expounded at length on how little we know about the past lives of civilization. Cayce said Atlantis was the cradle of the Red race. Cayce said the Pacific Ocean covers Lemuria, the cradle of the Black race. Lemuria sank in the Pacific Ocean creating islands ages before Atlantis. Both Lemurians and Atlanteans planned migrations for the Floods Cayce says knew were coming from the shift of the polar axis. The Mayans recorded ten cities of the Tree of Life which fell with Atlantis. All this evidence comes from the Mayan Troano document translated by Le Plongeon located in the British Museum.

Cayce says Atlanteans were far more advanced scientifically and spiritually than we are today. Cayce said Atlanteans mastered ESP, telepathy, electricity, mechanical sea and air propulsion, and short wave communications. Light and sound waves were used in Atlantis as a means of communication. They destroyed themselves misusing their own lasers. Dr. Manson Valentine of the Miami Museum of Science (1967-75) states he has in his possession underwater slides of buildings built before “the great catastrophe.” This is lost history in need of greater exploration.

Researching archives of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment and scuba diving under waters of the Atlantic Ridge, Shirley Andrews details what we can learn from the lost civilization of Atlantis. She concludes with the help of extra-terrestrials, clean solar powered quartz, electro-magnetic technology, rays of light, and ultra sound, Atlanteans migrated by air and sea to Sumeria, Africa, Egypt, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Bahamas, North America, the British Isles, mainland Europe, and Scandinavia. Mohenjo-Dara and Harappa in modern day India and in the Israeli Sinai show effects of cataclysmic ancient nuclear war.

There exists evidence of great world destructions in different ages. Migrant Atlantean art remains on cave walls in Basque Spain, France, and with Calo in Florida. The Atlantean heritage of living in harmony with nature and the Sun, moon, planets, and stars came and went. This tradition was adopted by psychic shamans and other spiritual leaders who “rebirthed” the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Lakota of North America. The seafaring Phoenicians who produced the first alphabet from pictograms say Atlanteans were the first great world traders. Unfortunately, much of Phoenician history was lost with repeated destruction of the libraries at Carthage and Alexandria.

Atlanteans were known as the “Children of the Law of One.” They judged people by their ethical character instead of material possessions like the “Sons of Belial.” In the ancient Middle East, the underground Essenes preserved the wisdom of the scriptures instead of orthodox Judaism which appeased Roman Sons of Darkness and the conservative rabbinical establishment known as the Sanhedrin. Cayce says the Essenes at Qumran and Masada were derived from Melchizedek, Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, Jesus, and John.